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Conspiracy! cracked open on Steam for Windows PC

Adventure gamers don't actually go out to crime scenes to search for evidence for themselves, they sit at home and live vicariously through their on-screen detective avatars. But indie developer Tim Sheinman's newly released Conspiracy! cuts out the middle man entirely, allowing you to simply solve crimes directly from the comfort of your own desk. 

While few plot details have been revealed, the game sends players on a firsthand "journey into the heart of the Deep State" in order to "piece together a hidden conspiracy." That may sound heavy, but the story promises to be highly satirical, featuring "gay frogs, dead geese, Ecuadorian voting machines, the Canadian metric system, 5G, hippie drug smugglers, fraudulent mattress companies and much more." 

Described as an "investigative puzzle game" that is expected to take about 2-3 hours to complete, Conspiracy! takes place all on a single screen, in which you will "inspect sources, documents, audio logs, and records in order to solve the puzzles contained." In order to unravel the mystery, you'll need to engage in the kind of "logical deduction" found in games such as Her Story and Return of the Obra Dinn.

If you're already sold, you can hop straight over to Steam or itch.io to purchase Conspiracy! for Windows PC, but if you need a little convincing, the latter offers a downloadable demo as well, which represents approximately the first quarter of the full game. 

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