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Cloudpunk to deliver 100% more content with City of Ghosts explansion

Normally downloadable expansions to adventure games are little more than bonus chapters that slightly stretch out the gameplay experience. Not so with City of Clouds, an upcoming DLC release that promises to match or even exceed the length of the original Cloudpunk

The story picks up where the main game left off in the "hostile future metropolis" of Nivalis, as rookie courier Rania has "drawn the ire of monolithic courier corporation Curzona" and now has "debt collectors, homicidal cyborgs and at least one death cult on her trail." Elsewhere in the city, a "deadbeat gambler" named Hayse has big problems of his own, with just one night to "clear all his debts," but "with an appetite for self-destruction and a bumbling CorpSec android for company, the odds aren’t in his favour." The two stories naturally intersect, and players will need to "switch between the two protagonists as they drive deeper into the sordid understreets of Nivalis."

There are no surprises on the presentation front, as the setting is still an impressive sea of futuristic Blade Runner-esque flying vehicles, towering skyscrapers and neon lights, populated on the ground by voxel art city-dwellers. Whether by air or on foot, however, you'll have new areas to explore, new characters to meet, and new mysteries to solve in a story that promises to be both longer and "more dangerous, more tense" than its predecessor. There will be a number of new features as well, including vehicle customization and "breakneck street races." Your choices also matter more than before, as the fate of the two protagonists and even city itself are in your hands, with a number of different endings possible.

While there is no firm target release date just yet, City of Clouds is "coming soon" on Steam for Windows PC. That gives anyone who hasn't yet played the original Cloudpunk a chance to catch up, as the new game is available exclusively as DLC. 

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