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CLeM: A Dark Puzzlevania adventure unfolds

Prepare to delve into a dark and mysterious journey with CLeM, landing on PlayStation and Xbox on July 17th! This exciting news comes straight from indie video game studio Mango Protocol, and it promises a unique narrative-driven puzzle adventure with a dark twist.

CLeM is the fourth game to take place in the Psychotic Universe, following MechaNika, Agatha Knife, and Colossus Down. The game is styled as a "puzzlevania", combining intricate puzzles with exploration. Players will control a peculiar ragdoll capable of interacting with dozens of puzzles and learning to craft magic toys that unveil the hidden secrets within an unusual house. The game delicately explores themes of manipulation, forgiveness, redemption, and pride, all while offering a narrative experience unlike any other.

Each environment in CLeM has been carefully crafted, filling this unsettling world with details that beg to be explored. Discovering and combining objects through the powers of alchemy will be an important part of this journey, allowing your ragdoll to access previously unreachable areas and rediscover items from the past. The game, which was previously released for PC and Nintendo Switch back on February 6th, received positive reviews from players, media outlets, and streamers. Now, it's time for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One players to experience CLeM, releasing on July 17th for $15.99/€15.99/£12.99. The game is also available for pre-order on Xbox with a 10% discount.

To get a glimpse of what CLeM has in store, check out the release trailer on YouTube.

And for those eager to dive into the adventure, CLeM is available on Steam.


As always, we're excited to see what Mango Protocol has crafted and can't wait to explore the dark mysteries that CLeM holds.


CLeM is available at:

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