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Chinese horror series to be revived next year with Dying: 1983

Nightmares can be weird, somehow both absurdly ridiculous and super scary. As in, you can be frantically trying to escape an abandoned building, heart pounding out of your chest at every creak and dead end, when you run into a giant teapot and a woman with a fish for a head. Hold that thought, because it's being turned into a game in the form of Dying: 1983, by Chinese indie studio 2P Games. 

You play a doctor whose less-than-scrupulous approach to patient care has led to your being approached by a shadowy organisation who'd like you to investigate a certain research facility. It all sounds pretty shady, but you accept anyway and now you're here at a semi-abandoned lab where something seriously strange is going on. Objects with their own bizarre rules are seeping through from a deeper reality, and you must learn how to control them if you're ever to understand what's going on, and hopefully find a way out – all without losing your sanity or succumbing to one of the many monsters in the process.

The follow-up to 2017's Dying: Reborn swaps that game's dilapidated and eerie hotel for a creepy laboratory, aiming to provide a substantially longer and more polished experience while retaining the original's surreal plotting, object puzzles, and jump scares. The sequel promises hundreds of items to find, as well as three times as many puzzles and a script five times longer than its predecessor's. The previous level-based room-escape system has also been replaced by a single cohesive environment that opens up as you explore and overcome obstacles. The cinematic trailer offers up a glimpse of the slick 3D visuals, increasingly disturbing environments and Japanese voice acting we can expect of the finished game, with English available only as subtitles. 

Dying: 1983 will be unleashed in 2022 as a timed PlayStation 5 exclusive, with PlayStation 4 and a PC version on Steam to follow later.

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