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Buddy Simulator 1984 sets a play date for January 14th

We're surely all feeling the effects of not seeing our friends enough this year, so what if we had an AI friend to play with instead? Soon you can treat yourself to that very thing, as indie developer Not a Sailor Studios has announced the upcoming release of Buddy Simulator 1984. Just remember the saying: be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.

While there are no specific plot details to share, the game presents you with a fictional cutting-edge (for the 1980s) artificial intelligence that "simulates the experience of hanging out with a best buddy." Considered the "next big step in technological evolution," the program not only invites you to play games together, it also promises to "constantly be learning all about you in order to become better friends." What could go wrong?

The presentation is as unusual as the premise. As befits the year in which it's set, Buddy Simulator shows only a monochrome computer monitor on which you can play simple games like rock-paper-scissors and hangman. When that novelty wears off, your ever-adapting new AI pal can construct classic-styled text adventures that require typing in commands while rudimentary graphics are displayed on-screen. And all the while, not only are you offering input, the computer can talk back – think Zork meets WarGames and you'll have the basic idea. It's almost too good to be true! (ahem)

While the full version of Buddy Simulator 1984 isn't due out on Steam until January 14th for Windows PC, you can introduce yourself to your would-be computer friend right away through the playable demo that's already available.

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