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AYUDA spotted on PC and iOS devices

The search for buried pirate treasure has lured many an adventurer in with promises of untold riches. Indie devloper M9 Games is hoping it'll do so once again – virtually speaking – with the newly released island adventure, AYUDA.

The titular island is divided into two distinct halves. One is a "vacation paradise with hotels, beaches and bars" that attracts many tourists looking to get away and relax. The other, however, is "an unspoilt ancient land only ever visited by smuggling pirates in the 1500s." Legend has it that these pirates became stranded on the island and left "distress messages crafted on the beach" ("ayuda" is Spanish for "help") before finally being discovered by explorers. But what became of their plundered loot? Rumours abound that there's "mysterious hidden treasure somewhere deep inside the mountains, but with the terrain fairly inhospitable and the fear of ancient traps, no one has been brave enough to tackle the adventure."

As with the indie developer's previous game, MISTICO, AYUDA is a slideshow-style adventure with realistic first-person graphics and a simple point-and-click control scheme. As you progress down the "many paths towards the secret treasure of AYUDA," you'll need to throroughly explore and observe your surroundings, collect and use or combine inventory items, and solve a variety of puzzles along the way. It's up to you how to approach the obstacles that stand in your way, but the developer promises that "each puzzle has a logical solution." 

If you're in the mood for a little island getaway, adventure game-style, you can chart your course right away as AYUDA is available now for download from the App Store for iOS and itch.io for Windows PC. An Android version is expected to follow soon on Google Play.

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