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Alien Function on approach for 2020 release

It's a big leap from unicorns, hidden treasure and leprechauns to outer space, extraterrestrials and computer hacking, but that's exactly what indie developer Stand Off Software has in mind for Sir Typhil, the star of three previous fantasy games who will find himself a lot farther from home in the upcoming Alien Function.

Although telling its own standalone story, the new game continues the larger story arc begun in Unicorn Dungeon, Potergeist Treasure and Leprechaun Shadow. This time, Alien Function no longer sees its brave knight protagonist exploring the magical medieval realm of Artovya, but rather working as a "dirt regulator" aboard a starship. In fact, apparently he's been doing so for many years, though he's lost his memory and has no recollection of the past. However, following a "series of strange occurrences, it becomes clear there is more to the ship than meets the eye," and there's reason to believe that even "Typhil himself may not be who he thinks he is." And so Typhil and his companions must attempt to "unravel the many mysteries of this enigmatic starship, facing aliens, killer robots, and more on a quest for the truth about their mission, and their lives."

Along with the radically different setting, Alien Function promises a number of other departures from its absurdist comedy predecessors. It remains a traditional third-person point-and-click adventure in which players will collect inventory and talk to various people encountered along the way, but in telling a "compelling mystery full of suspense and dark humor," this game promises a working OS simulator and a "completely authentic hacking system" that allows you to "use the computer for investigation, sabotage, and more." Those familiar with the earlier games can expect to see some familiar faces, but like Typhil, "they're not really themselves anymore," so to figure out why you'll need to "get to the bottom of what's going on." 

There is no firm release date just yet, but Alien Function is due to launch on Steam for Windows and Linux sometime before the end of this year.

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