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AIDA to break out on Windows and Mac next year

Imagine yourself trapped in a ghetto, where every day is a struggle for mere survival. Though you dream of a better life, escape is far from a certainty and your destination is a faraway land regarded only as a myth. This is the premise of AIDA, a live-action FMV adventure by Punch Punk Games to be released next year.

Taking on the eponymous role, players will help Aida navigate the dangers of her African ghetto and “the violent world of men who were forced to live the way they do,” in her bid to discover the location of a continent known only as “E.” As the player, what you do matters throughout, as “every decision will have consequences” and you will “get to know Aida’s secrets” along the way.

A much different game from the indie Polish developer’s previous game, Apocalipsis: Harry at the End of the World, AIDA is largely a traditional interactive movie with branching decision points affecting the story, but Punch Punk promise that the gameplay will also incorporate a variety of other elements, such as “solving movie puzzles, collecting items, Quick Time Events … as well as influencing Aida’s psyche.”

While no specific release date has been announced just yet, AIDA is currently slated to arrive sometime in 2021 on Steam for Windows and Mac.

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