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Absolute Zero warming up for summer release

If you think your bosses are bad, wait'll you get a load of the tyrranical alien overlords in Absolute Zero, an upcoming point-and-click sci-fi adventure from Giggle Horse Games.

The Snastipods are a predatory species who invade other planets for resources before destroying them. Unfortunately, Earth was one such world, and all that's left of the former blue planet now are those who were abducted to be "placed into slave labor for mining." Young Samantha Snark (aka Sammy) was among those captured and enslaved, and only barely escaped a cannibalistic fate when she was "sold as food product" to a race with a taste for human children. Now she works aboard the Absolute Zero refueling station, where Sammy "grinds out her duties of serving radioactive beer to the travelers waiting for ship repairs and refueling in the only bar for light years around." From these humble beginnings, the young heroine must attempt to "not only escape her masters, but save the remainder of humanity from the continuous oppression of the Snastipods, and find humanity a new home." And all the better if she's able to "end Snastipod tyranny and invoke revenge for the people of Earth" in the process. 

Presented in a "classic point-and-click style with modern 3D-rendered graphics, full voice-over dialog and full-motion cut scenes," this "sarcastic" adventure takes place aboard the titular space station, a remote outpost within the Cephalopod Nebula in "the deepest and most uninhabitable pocket of space imaginable." Here "Absolute Zero" is much more than a name, as it also represents the utter absence of hope for a better life. Sammy starts out serving customers in the bar, but if she's to achieve more than "saving humanity one beer at a time," she'll need to venture out into the "labyrinth of traps and puzzles" that await elsewhere on the station. 

No firm release date has been scheduled just yet, but Absolute Zero is due to be launched on Steam for Windows PC sometime in the third quarter of 2021. To follow its progress in the meantime, you can sign up for updates from the developer's website.

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