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A Day Without Me now includes more console gamers

Many of us have probably wished everyone would just leave us alone at some point in our lives. But be careful what you wish for, as you just might get it. Indonesian developer Gamecom Team offers us a glimpse of what life would be like to really be left alone in A Day Without Me, the 2020 isometric adventure that will be available today on additional consoles. 

Players control a teenager who awakens one day to shockingly find himself "the only person left in the whole city." If he's to figure out what happened to cause everyone else to disappear, and hopefully find a way to bring them all back, the young protagonist faces "a man's job" with many locations to explore and a variety of puzzles to solve along the way – all the while staving off a certain sense of loneliness as the reality of his solitude becomes increasingly pronounced. 

Described as a "narrative exploration" game that "combines adventure, horror and drama elements," A Day Without Me presents a "semi-open" world in a low-poly art style viewed from an isometric perspective. At first this may seem like paradise: with no rules to follow, you can go places you otherwise wouldn't be allowed and do things without contending with the usual crowds. But you can't be alone forever and there are a variety of objectives to complete, as well as many "oddities" that were never there before. Some of them are even dangerous, with death a very real possibility if you're not careful.

Originally launched for Windows PC on Steam in June 2020 before being ported to Switch on the Nintendo eShop earlier this year, today A Day Without Me will become available to download for PlayStation and Xbox platforms from their respective online stores as well. A playable demo remains on Steam for those who'd like to sample the game before committing to a purchase.

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