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For Evelyn to be available to everyone later this year

The most tumultuous love stories engulf their participants in a whirlwind of passion and turmoil, but the most tragic can take down even those within their orbit. Such is the case with For Evelyn, an upcoming retro RPG-styled adventure from Kisuarts.

In the fantasy realm of Aura, two young lovers are drawn together in mutal affection but find themselves caught in the middle of opposing interests that threaten to "ultimately plunge the world into a state of chaos and war." The commander of the reviled Watchers, The Red Baron, seeks to wed his son to the most beautiful elven girl in the village, the eponymous Evelyn. But Evelyn's mother detests the Watchers for the pain they've inflicted, and a group of rogues seeks to enlist her help in eliminating the Watchers one by one. Against this troubled backdrop, the "fate of the world lies in the hands of a simple man," and it'll be up to you to decide how far you are "willing to go to protect the ones you love."

Presented in the style of a retro RPG with partial voice-overs, beautiful pixel art and a bird's-eye perspective, For Evelyn combines keyboard navigation with mouse interactions to tell its story of "passion, secrets, and the ultimate sacrifice." As you navigate the environment in pursuit of new objectives, you'll interact with a variety of characters and objects that will "open up the lore of the world and may start some interesting side quests to complete." The experience is far more narrative-driven than puzzle-based, with player choice impacting how the tale plays out. Regardless of your decisions, however, this is "not a happy story" but a very human one dealing with rich emotional themes.

The complete version of For Evelyn isn't due out on Windows PC until sometime later this year, but while you wait you can play through the downloadable demo available now on Steam. 

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