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A Space for the Unbound to be released soon on PC

Adventure games take players to many exotic locations around the world, but few have seen us visit the Republic of Indonesia. We'll soon have that chance, however, with the upcoming arrival of Mojiken Studio's A Space for the Unbound.

The game takes place in rural Indonesia in the late 1990s, telling the tale of a special relationship between "a boy and a girl with supernatural powers." When the fate of the very world is threatened by a mysterious object that falls from the sky, the two teens just finishing high school must "explore and investigate their town to uncover hidden secrets, face the end of the world, and perhaps learn more about each other." As they begin to come of age, they will learn to deal with anxiety and depression in the midst of changing and at times unpleasant circumstances, relying only on each other and the power of imagination to overcome their challenges. 

Described as a "slice-of-life" adventure game, A Space for the Unbound is a keyboard-controlled, side-scrolling experience presented in lovely pixel art style that blends depictions of local landscapes with "a hint of supernatural events." As you leisurely explore the environment, you'll collect items and solve simple puzzles, as well as "chat and interact with other townfolk and listen to their personal stories." You'll even have the opportunity to perform a "space dive" into people's minds to learn more about and even impact their inner thoughts, Inception-style.

While no firm release date has yet been announced, A Space for the Unbound is "coming soon" to Steam, which gives you time to enjoy the 15-20 minute playable prologue while you wait, available for Windows and Mac.

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