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Sol705 campaign

Quintus and the Absent Truth debut now present on Windows PC.

A lot of adventure game obstacles would be a whole lot easier if you were much smaller and could easily reach inaccessible places. Like, say, the size of a mouse. A new five-part adventure from Wreck Tangle Games won't grant that wish, but it offers the next best thing in the form of a small rodent companion in the newly released free debut of Quintus and the Absent Truth.

While the premise of a small furry helper may sound whimsical, the game's themes are no laughing matter. Players step into the first-person shoes of a man named Alan, whose daughter Lydia has suddenly disappeared. If you're to find out what happened to her and get her back, you'll need to rely on your "closest friend, Quintus, an intelligent little mouse," to get into places that you can't reach and solve puzzles along the way. 

Created by the developer of Alaska, the two-part Museum series and most recently CAMEO: CCTV Detective, Quintus is a free-roaming 3D adventure with a distinctively minimialist art style and sepia-toned colour palette. The first installment, entitled "Forgotten," involves exploring the large family house on the occasion of Lydia's birthday, where a costumed party is planned for later that day. The deeper you delve into Alan's life, however, the more you can expect to "discover a twisting story that will keep you on the edge of your seat." 

There are five episodes of Quintus and the Absent Truth planned in total, and the first is available free of charge for Windows PC on itch.io and Game Jolt, with future installments to be sold commercially. To learn more about the game, be sure to visit the official website.

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