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First details discovered for Lost at Sea

Life is full of many wonderful (and not-so-wonderful) moments, but moments are fleeting, and even life itself is finite. Lost at Sea, a new game from Studio Fizbin, looks set to explore some heady questions about memory and mortality when it releases later this year.    

As the first-person protagonist, the story of Lost at Sea is your own – at least, the parts of it that you dare to embrace. You'll find yourself alone on a beautiful "island of the mind," where you will "fight death and fear to remember the moments that connect us all and make life worth living for every one of us." The best parts of life – "love, friendship, family, career, freedom" – are the things we cherish most, and yet we are constantly plagued by concern that "something will take these things away or take us away, before we have experienced every single bit of it." To overcome this anxiety, we must accept that "death is inevitable, [and] to be afraid of it doesn't make sense. And the more we experience, the more we know and remember – the more the fear of death loses its power."

Although every bit as lovely as its predecessors in its own way, this game is a free-roaming first-person adventure with a slightly dreamlike aesthetic rather than sharing the third-person point-and-click cartoon art style of the developer's previous titles, The Inner World and its sequel. The island setting has various biomes, each of which "represents a phase of life" to experience. As you explore your surroundings, you must "unlock your memories with specifically designed minigames and puzzles" along the way. Not everything is fun and games or as serene as it first appears, however, because all the while the "fear of death is hunting you, trying to take you to the other side before you have tasted life." 

There is no firm release date just yet for Lost at Sea, but the game is due to launch on Steam sometime before the end of this year. Hopefully we're all still here when the time comes. 

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