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The Long Gate set to open later this year

While many adventure games seek to tap into our creative right-brain impulses, you'll need all your left-brain synapses firing for The Long Gate, an upcoming 3D puzzler from indie developer David Shaw. 

No specific story details have been revealed so far, but the game thrusts players into a world of "relaxing oases of nature" and "ancient and alluring caverns ... filled with remnants of mysterious machinery." Here you will encounter a variety of challenges that involve learning the "three primary types of circuits that wind through them: digital, analog, and even quantum." As you being mastering the engineering principles behind them, new areas and still more puzzles will be unlocked which players can largely tackle in any order they please. Some even promise more than one possible solution.

In stark contrast to the complex mechanical aspects, The Long Gate's free-roaming 3D presentation promises an environment "full of wonder and nature" to explore, with lots of hidden secrets to find along the way. The developer's goal when starting the project as an engineering student at university more than three years ago was to create a world that "was both beautiful and relaxing,  while also containing puzzles hard enough to give players a sense of accomplishment." Indeed, not only are most of the puzzles based on real-world technology, some even display "accurate depictions of quantum circuits and a 4-bit quantum computer, verified by scientists at D-Wave Systems, the world’s first commercial quantum computer company."

If your head is already swimming, then perhaps a gentle introduction to the subject matter is in order. In that case, you're in luck as a playable demo is available on Steam this week during the Summer Game Festival, which runs until June 22nd. The complete game is currently on track to be released for Windows, Mac and Linux sometime before the end of this year. 

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