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Seven Doors opened today on Steam

The number seven is a lucky one for puzzle lovers. First there was The 7th Guest and the nefarious brainteasers of the mad toymaker Stauf. And now there's Seven Doors, a new atmospheric puzzle adventure from indie developer Indigo Studios.

There are no real story details to share because none are necessary, as this game is all about YOU solving its many puzzles. Through the titular seven doors you can expect seven challenges that have been "prepared specifically to test your skills." Someone or something is awaiting you at the end, but to get there you will need to "solve puzzles, decipher secret languages, overcome dangerous and spooky situations and even become part of a giant chess game" along the way. 

Seven Doors is a first-person free-roaming 3D adventure with a heavy emphasis on "atmosphere, mystery and enigmas." Each door leads to its own unique atmosphere, a few of which are on display in the screenshots and trailer released, ranging from a "Gallery of Framed Dreams" to the torture-centric "Hall of Tragic Fate" to the ancient Egyptian "Secret of the Pharaoh," to name just a few of the distinct environments you'll explore.

Got a puzzle itch you just need to scratch? Then wait no longer, as Seven Doors is ready and waiting to be downloaded on Steam for Windows PC. 


Seven Doors is available at:

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