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First details illuminate Sanity of Morris

The world has become a lot grimmer this year, which may help explain why the developers of the bright and charming fabric-themed Woven have chosen a dark psychological horror game for their next offering, Sanity of Morris.

A father’s frantic voice mail implores you to return to the home you’ve not seen in years, as there are things you’ve just got to see. However, all you find is a deserted house upon your arrival, with the windows darkened, no signs of life. And yet there is something here, something that does not want you around, something that is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep you away. As Johnathan Morris, you will soon discover that your childhood hometown of Greenlake is not very welcoming of visitors, and armed men in gas masks and protective gear may end up being the least of your worries. Your father was known to be a conspiracy theorist, and what you find in his attic seems proof of alien life. 

A first-person free-roaming adventure, Sanity of Morris forces players to stare down its psychological horrors armed with nothing more than a notebook and a flashlight. The game calls for the use of stealth to avoid your foes, as you collect audio tapes, secret files and hidden pictures to piece together its otherworldly mystery. Light is your one and only ally in the search for your missing father; without it, you won’t be able to find clues to aid your investigation or interact with your environment. The problem is, the light you so desperately need is also your most deadly weakness, as there’s no surer way to alert those who are hunting you to your presence. Worse still, while darkness can conceal you from your enemies, its gaping maw also threatens your very sanity if you remain in it too long. 

Sanity of Morris is being developed for PC and targeting a late 2020 release, but you can get a taste of what to expect right away through the alpha demo available to download now via Steam.

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