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The Pillar fully constructed on Steam

Puzzles and exploration provide two key building blocks for (almost) any adventure genre, and together they form the entire foundation for indie Czech developer Paper Bunker's The Pillar

Story details are intentionally vague, but players will find themselves alone on an "unknown world" made up of interconnected islands. To navigate between them, you will need to solve "dozens of challenging puzzles," paying close attention to environmental details around you as they "change and evolve." Along the way, you will acquire scattered pieces of paintings; collect them all to discover their purpose and the mysteries they reveal, and perhaps you will "...wake up?"

The Pillar has something of a Myst-meets-The Witness vibe, combining the world-hopping challenge of the former and the more stylized 3D first-person graphics of the latter. And, of course, the same kind of major emphasis on puzzle-solving as both, including some tile-based puzzles on the titular pillars you encounter. Each island promises "its own unique feel and secrets," and to succeed "your only hope is to find your way from the ever changing maze of puzzles and escape the mythical cage."

Originally released late last year as a Microsoft Store exclusive, The Pillar is now available on Steam for Windows and Mac. 

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