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Forgotten Fields plows onto Kickstarter

They say you can never go home again, which isn't true in the literal sense, of course, but if you try you'll find that nothing is quite the same. You can begin to experience the truth of this axiom for yourself through the limited-time demo available for Frostwood Interactive's upcoming narrative adventure Forgotten Fields, which is currently seeking crowdfunding through Kickstarter. 

The game stars a novelist named Sid, who is suffering from a severe case of writer's block at exactly the wrong time. It's "a lazy Sunday in the middle of summer" and not only is today the deadline to submit a proposal for his next book grant, he must also return to his childhood home one last time for a small party before the house is sold. Reluctantly he attends this "unavoidable family obligation," where he "meets old friends, relives memories and attempts to kick start his creativity back into gear." As he does, players will be able to "play through sections of Sid's half-baked book idea as he experiences sudden bursts of inspiration, and even make some key decisions that affect the outcome of both stories."

Much like Rainswept, solo Indian designer Armaan Sandhu's previous adventure, Forgotten Fields is presented in a simple but stylish third-person art style and is much more focused on character-driven narrative than puzzle-solving. This time around, however, the subject matter is entirely different. Rather than a small town murder mystery with grisly undertones, the new game is meant to be a "warm, cozy game about nostalgia, creativity, appreciating the present, and the passage of time – a meditation on impermanence and the shortness of life." 

In order to complete Forgotten Fields by the end of this year for Windows, Mac and Linux, the developer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise £9,500 by July 15th. If you'd like to check it out firsthand before backing, you can do so through the downloadable demo available on Steam, but act fast as the demo is only available until the end of the Summer Game Festival on June 22nd. Fortunately, if you miss that window you can still find the demo through Game Jolt and itch.io

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