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Desolatium attracts crowdfunding support for PC/VR revamp

Most Lovecraft-inspired adventures take place in the dreary American northeast, but not so with Desolatium, a free interactive mystery adventure from Superlumen that's about to get a major overhaul via crowdfunding support on Kickstarter.

Players find themselves in an abandoned town in Spain, where they must solve a series of unexplained disappearances and ritual murders that occurred at the end of 2019. This is no mere serial killer story, however, as it can be traced back to "a great and ancient evil that longs to return to the world that was once his." To resolve these mysteries, you must enter a "hidden and dark world" where you will "gather clues, solve intricate puzzles and be ready to face cults and primeval Gods on a journey thousands of years into the past to find the source of that evil." Just as importantly, your choices will have a direct impact on the investigation, as "the paths you follow and the decisions you make will mark your course... and your end."

Described as a "distressing psychological thriller," Desolatium is a node-based adventure with complete 360-degree panning at each station. Filmed using real actors and locations with 3D effects added in postproduction, the game presents the perspectives of four different characters, each with their own personalities and points of view. There's the stubborn 35-year-old private investigator Alicia Sánchez Toledo, the ambitious 27-year-old journalist Andrés Vicente Roldán, and the 55-year-old history professor Noelia Gazquez Lisón. The fourth is much different than the others: "Cthulhu's Chosen One," who must decide if he will fulfill his destiny and become "a puppet in the hands of The One Who Should Not Be Named," or whether he will "choose his own path, freeing himself from the control of The Primal One to save the world."

A free version of Desolatium was released on Steam for Windows PC back in October 2019 as an Early Access title. Now that prototype is being significantly updated with a "completely new story, deeper, darker and more complex than the current one," as well as new locations, puzzles, and characters, along with increased VR support. In order to finish the enhanced commercial version for Windows, Mac, Oculus Rift, HTC VIVE and PlayStation VR by June 2021, the developers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise €10,000 by June 26th. 

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