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First details leak out of The Corruption Within

Is there such a thing as a Victorian era mansion that isn't haunted or plagued by some kind of evil at this point? Maybe after well over a century, any abode still standing will have accumulated its fair share of ghosts, whether literal or figurative. That is certainly true of the setting for two-man indie developer Cosmic Void's upcoming The Corruption Within, as teased in the early screenshots and details unveiled. 

A family camping holiday comes to an abrupt and terrifying end when your wife and two children suddenly disappear. With no way to call for help out in the wilderness, you "head towards the only source of civilisation for miles around – a grand old mansion by a lake." This proves not to be the sanctuary you hoped for, however, as within its walls "you soon find yourself drawn into a bigger mystery" than you ever imagined.

The Corruption Within is a first-person point-and-click pixel art adventure set in and around the old Victorian manor. Players can expect to find obstacles to overcome and puzzles to solve here, but the game's emphasis will be on telling its story of the mansion and its inhabitants whose mysteries "must be uncovered before you can find and rescue your family."

With a tentative launch target of next spring, The Corruption Within will first be turning to Kickstarter for crowdfunding in order to help get it to the finish line for PC release. 

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