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Crowdfunding sought to help deliver A letter to you!

It may well be that the only thing to fear is fear itself...but where horror games are concerned, sometimes those fears are really, really scary! That's what indie developer Savage Howl is counting on for their upcoming release of A letter to you!, which is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. 

As is often the case with horror games like this, story details are intentionally vague. Players assume control of a "mysterious protagonist, suffering from amnesia and anxiety," who finds himself in a large mansion with a strange man who claims that "a certain Mr. Evans" has a letter for you. Though you can't remember why, you know that you "must read that letter," so you begin to explore the manor and its grounds. But the more deeply you delve into this layered mystery, the more your memories will return, and in the process you'll discover a "terrifying truth, but one that [you] must accept."

A free-roaming, first-person adventure, A letter to you! is set in the 1990s, so the mansion will reflect elements of that time period. This is no nostalgia trip, however, but a horror game whose atmosphere is being designed to "create discomfort and dread by exposing common psychological and emotional vulnerabilities, fears, and revealing the darker parts of the human mind that most people may repress or deny." And here your anxiety has real, tangible consequences, as you've become addicted to medication and if you run low on pills, you'll need to scavenge for more. The greater your anxiety levels, the more you can expect "paranormal phenomena [to] intensify" around you. You'll also want to keep your eyes open for illuminating videotapes along the way, as well as scattered photographs that will cause "the structure of the mansion [to] change" when placed on a particular board. 

A letter to you! is already well along in development, but in order to complete the game this summer, the developer has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise a modest £500 by June 25th. If successful, we could see the game released on Steam along with a DRM-free version for Windows PC by August 3rd, with PlayStation and Xbox versions possible if certain stretch goals are met. 

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