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Related: Chapter One delivered on Steam

Conjoined twins are siblings physically connected to each other but having their own idenities and personalities. But what if a set of twins were so conjoined that they each shared half of the exact same body? Sound implausible? Not so, says indie developer Fractalcatz Games, who have recently released the debut installment of their three-part psychological mystery adventure, Related.

The game centers around a woman named Jessica, who awakens from a bad dream on the cab ride to an abandoned orphanage. Though she can't fully remember why, she believes this place to be integral to reconnecting with her past. Now, in order to "find answers to questions that she tried so hard to forget," Jessica must explore the old building's "dark locations" and relive memories of her traumatic childhood. These flashbacks tell the story of not just one young girl but two sisters who "share not only [a] body, but also one head."

Presented in an attractive hand-painted art style, Related is a traditional third-person point-and-click adventure, albeit one with a most unusual story to tell. As you wander through the orphanage and its grounds both in present day and the past, you'll uncover more of the tale of twin girls who are able to control their own half of their shared body and "coordinate their movements so well that they can walk, run and do other basic things." Two distinct personalities sharing the same mind, however, presents a whole different set of problems. 

There are three episodes planned for Related in total, and the first installment, subtitled Everything is back with an expected play time of under 90 minutes, is available now on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux. 

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