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Possession 1881 up for grabs on Steam

Nobody's going to make you do it, but puzzle fans and occult enthusiasts may just want to willingly check out indie husband-and-wife team End of the Line Studios' recently released supernatural adventure, Possession 1881.

While story details are sparse, the game has something of a 7th Guest vibe, though without the FMV. In the latter part of the Victorian era, a time when people "searched for truths in the occult, demonology, and witchcraft," players find themselves "barricaded within a dark study, filled with books and paraphernalia such as telescopes, skulls, gems, and papers." Now, in order to find out who you are and why you're trapped in such a disturbing place, along with uncovering "what was studied within the manor’s walls," you'll need to "solve puzzles involving science, history, and spatial logic from the perspective of the occult." 

Possession 1881 is a slideshow-style first-person adventure with a heavy emphasis on puzzle-solving within a story that "delves into questions about what humanity will do while searching for truth, what is right or wrong, and if an end justifies a means." The atmosphere has been carefully cultivated with authentic elements of the period, ranging from "demon sigils to cement to talking dolls." You are encouraged to "free your mind from the constraints of reality," as the goal of the game is to experience "what this time may have been like for those involved," and of course to have fun doing it.

If the sudden urge to explore a creepy mansion and solve mystical puzzles begins to overwhelm you, head right on over to Steam, where Possession 1881 is available now to download for Windows PC. You can also learn more about the game through the official website.

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