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Countdown to deadline on Kickstarter begins for Infinitum: The Discovery

At their current rates, a civilian ticket to outer space starts at a quarter million dollars and rises rapidly from there. Or you could just fork over a mere $20 (or more) to support the Kickstarter campaign for Infinitum: The Discovery to make it all the way to another world next year, albeit only virtually.

While story details are vague (surprisingly, as it's based on a novelette by Leslie Spring), players assume the role of a traveler who has been "transported to another time and space." Now, all alone in the barren but "beautiful landscapes and mysterious environments" that stretch out literally miles before you, you must thoroughly explore the "ancient stone and metal ruins" you encounter in your travels, along with searching for scattered pieces of a broken machine to "repair a specific transportation device," solving puzzles, discovering "strange artifacts and unusual life forms," and engaging in some light "platformer-type activities." 

Inspired by "classic science fiction stories" and described as a "game of relaxed exploration, storytelling and discovery," Infinitum is a free-roaming 3D adventure presented in third-person. "Free-roaming" isn't just a figure of speech, either, as this "timeless world" will cover "nearly 40 square kilometers (15 square miles) of exploreable areas and activities." Projected game time is expected to be 20 hours or more, and players are encouraged to take their time to enjoy everything this planet has to offer. You can even create a "virtual photo album" as you "discover and capture beautiful landscapes and vistas" along the way to save them for posterity. 

In order to complete the game for Windows PC, indie developer Qu Entertainment has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $60,000 USD by June 23rd. If successful, we could see the game released as early as March 2021.

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