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Phantom Path appears on Steam for Windows PC

The words "lost civilization filled with esoteric technology" probably bring Myst and its ilk immediately to mind, but solo indie developer Kirill Poletaev's newly released Phantom Path takes that concept in a much different direction. 

The game is set in a realm whose forest is "infamous for claiming the lives of countless travelers." That's because buried deep within it is a "lost ancient city" whose traps have already confounded "numerous ill-fated expeditions." The danger is so great that "all who wish to live are advised to avoid the treacherous place at any cost." That, of course, is your cue to step up as the lone brave adventurer willing to explore the forest's old ruins, "uncover the mystery of its esoteric technology, and claim its incredible treasure as your own." After all, "where some find misfortune, others see opportunity."

Phantom Path is an isometric 3D adventure in which players will need to "solve intricate puzzles involving ancient machines as you progress through the forest." This will involve deciphering inscriptions and making strategic use of scattered pedestals that cause certain environmental effects or imbue the little nameless protagonist with special abilities. Along the way to one of multiple different endings, you'll "find letters, notes and diaries to learn about the history of the forest, as well as the fate of many explorers that entered it." Complete the optional challenges you discover and you'll even be able to "acquire arcane books, containing ancient knowledge." But beware, as you can also expect to "encounter strange creatures, hide from magical horrors, and circumvent deadly traps" in order to succeed and ultimately "decide the fate of the forest."

If you're sold already, you can begin treasure hunting right away, as Phantom Path has been released on Steam for Windows PC, but if you need a little more convincing, you can always check out the playable demo available first.

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