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Ourea forecast for PC on July 21st

The changes in store for the world’s climate, both now and in the decades and centuries to come, will present unique and very real problems for future generations to deal with. Dublin-based indie studio Rewrite Games is is looking to tap into this increasingly relatable theme with their upcoming puzzle-adventure, Ourea.

The game tells the story of the Oreads, nearly all of whom went extinct due to the abuse they inflicted on their environment. Players take on the role of Glyf, the last of his kind, as he traverses the “now quiet, abandoned world” to discover the mysterious history of his people. Making his way toward the “summit of a nearby looming mountain," Glyf experiences a “series of trials and tribulations” in which he must overcome a variety of environmental challenges “while escaping a mysterious force.”

A third-person 3D adventure, Ourea is being carefully designed to invoke emotion and tell its story as organically as possible. The puzzles, too, are embedded directly into the world in the form of magical runes that alter objects in the environment. In controlling the sole surviving Oread, you have the ability to interact with these runes, causing the surroundings to change around you and enabling you to bypass obstacles to proceed on your way.

Ourea is slated for release on Steam for PC on July 21st. In the meantime, a playable beta demo is available to download from itch.io for those interested in whetting their eco-friendly appetites a little earlier.

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