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First details uncovered for Oniria Crimes

Dreams, whether they be blissful or nightmarish, are uniquely yours. Aren't they? Not in the land of Oniria Crimes, where humanity has built the world's first dream city. Of course, the optimistically named Palace of Desires is far from perfect: wherever people go, power, politics and crime are rarely far behind. Mixing visual novel-style storytelling with point-and-click mechanics in a distinctive Minecraft-esque voxel world, the upcoming adventure by Spanish developer cKolmos is a classic noir mystery with a twist.

Detective Santos and Inspector Torres belong to the Rounders, an organisation dedicated to maintaining order and justice on the dream plane, and together the two must investigate a series of crimes in the Palace of Dreams. These cases are set against the dystopian future backdrop of civil unrest between "guilds" of dreamers, and in particular the actions of Triple Star's iron-fisted leader Tiberius. The guilds were able to maintain a precarious power balance until a recent surge of new residents led to demands for change and calls for the first-ever elections.

These are no ordinary investigations, of course. This is dreamland, after all, so the usual rules don't always apply. For one thing, the bodies themselves have vanished into thin air. Not only that, but most of the witnesses are objects with "a voice and personality of their own." It's your job to gather clues, assemble a list of suspects, and ultimately piece it all together through a variety of conversational and object manipulation puzzles. You must find those responsible for six linked murders and stop their nefarious scheme before it can threaten the sleeping masses.

The isometric voxel world of Oniria Crimes will be complemented by visual novel-styled conversations and an original chiptune score. Gameplay promises 8-12 hours of sleuthing, filled with hundreds of objects to interrogate and dozens of characters to talk to along the way. Though this is the first game in the franchise, the developers have big plans for Oniria, aiming to build their own transmedia universe with further games as well as two novels in mind.  

Oniria Crimes is due to awaken for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices (iOS and Android) on October 30th. To investigate further, you can check out the official website while you wait.

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