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Suli: Fallen Harmony rises on PC

Harmony is such a fragile thing that is so easily disrupted and so difficult to restore. That is true not only figuratively but literally in indie developer Coutal Games' newly released point-and-click adventure Suli: Fallen Harmony.

The game is named after its protagonist, an anthropomorphic young bird who lives in a fishing village on Harmony Island. Here on this secluded isle in the Pacific, renowned for its "quiet and prosperous quality of life," birds and humans live together peacefully. Working as an elder's assistant in the Temple of Osir, Suli's life changes dramatically one night after discovering a dark prophecy that portends a "wingless chaos" to come. Overnight, an unnatural storm rocks the island and "the next morning, everyone discovers with horror that the sea has disappeared." With no one else willing to step forward to investigate, young Suli "leaves the nest to discover the source of the tragic events happening around him." 

Presented in a lovely hand-painted art style with the occasional French voice-over accompanied by English subititles, Suli is a traditional third-person (third-bird?) adventure controlled mainly through right and left mouse-clicks to view and interact with the environment. Your journey will take you to many locations across the island, some of them "joyful and sometimes darker." Over the course of a story that promises "many twists" along the way, you'll encounter a variety of unique characters to exchange "funny dialogs" with, as well as a number of puzzles and minigames to solve. The "cute and mischievous hero" will need to be both "resourceful and brave" if he's to "defeat the chaos and bring peace back [to] Harmony."

Created by a small team of three women from France, Suli: Fallen Harmony has been released on itch.io for Windows PC, with a Steam version planned for sometime this summer. To try before you buy, you can do so from either storefront through the playable demo available now for download.

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