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DreamBack VR to soon become reality

Perhaps the only thing creepier than roaming a dark old house in a video game is doing so in a virtual reality video game. Those brave enough and sufficiently equipped should brace themselves for doing just that, as indie Spanish developer Come Over Gaming's DreamBack VR is due to arrive later this spring.

The game sees players reliving a recent traumatic experience through hypnosis. Several months ago you were "called to repair a downed electrical line in an old abandoned Victorian estate." What you saw there, however, "left you in shock" and scarred for life. Ever since then your recollection of what happened has been "hazy, like a black mist over your memory," but despite your attempts to block it from your mind and put it all behind you, you still suffer from flashbacks that "torment you in the night." The only way to "face your terrors" once and for all is to delve deep into your subconscious mind to "bring back that accursed night." The question is, will you make it back out alive a second time?

As with most haunted(?) house games, DreamBack VR is primarily focused on atmosphere. Players will wander the old Rickford Mansion and its surrounding environs, often with only the weak illumination of a flashlight, lighter or candle to guide them, while the "dynamic spatial and binaural audio" further adds to the "harrowing experience." You'll discover soon enough that you are not alone, but success lies not through "combat or action-oriented sections" but rather in solving puzzles along the way that will challenge your "observation and intitution." There is only "you and your wits against the unknown" as you attempt to unravel the manor's secrets and "survive the experience with your sanity intact." 

No firm release date has been announced just yet, but DreamBack VR is due to be launched on Steam sometime this quarter, so there's not much longer to wait. 

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