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Announcement spotlight shines on Antasia Noir

In traditional fantasy literature, elfs and orcs have never gotten along. But rarely has the conflict between the two races been quite so distinctive or pronounced as it is in the upcoming visual novel-styled adventure, Antasia Noir.

Peace in Antasia is already tenuous when the "murder of an elfish noble threatens to engulf the continent ... in war one more time." Players assume the role of Dantis, a veteran orc detective who has "now taken on the mantle of the Empire's chief inspector." Assigned to investigate the homicide, you must visit the city of Great Sirium, where "dark conspiracies, crimes, shady power games and thundering passions will become your playground." But time is limited, as the "shadow of war looms over everything you do, and the moral choice is not always the right choice." 

While Antasia Noir has many of the usual genre trappings, including the likes of trolls, goblins and dragons among its twelve familiar species (none of them human), it is set in an "industrially and politically developed world of cold war, without magic." Featuring "over sixty hand-painted HD environments inspired by art history," the game will task players with interrogating thirty characters throughout an "epic story imbued with daring decisions and dramatic consequences." You can't accomplish everything yourself, however, so you must "utilize the resources of the local orc gendarmerie to do some of the leg work for you" if you're to identity the culprit in time to avert what appears to be imminent war. 

No release date has been set just yet, but Antasia Noir will initially be launched on Steam for PC as early as spring 2021, followed later by Switch, iOS and Android ports. In the meantime, you can learn more about the game thorugh the official website and its corresponding developer blogs.

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