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The Mortuary Assistant to receive visitors on PC next summer

With the threat of disease hanging heavily in the air these days, perhaps it's not surprising that new games are embodying a pervasive death-based fascination. First it was Autopsy Simulator, and next up is DarkStone Digital's The Mortuary Assistant

Players assume the role of a recent graduate of the mortuary sciences. During your hands-on apprenticeship, you have spent many long hours assisting with daily operations, learning "the ins and outs of ... how to properly handle and care for the deceased," but your responsibilities are about to increase dramatically when the funeral director is called away to attend to a family emergency. It is now up to you alone to "perform the usual duties of the mortician from basic record keeping to full embalmings." You are confident you are up to the challenge, but "the longer you work these difficult hours, the more you notice strange things happening at River Fields Mortuary."

Set within the reather bleak bowels of the funeral home, The Mortuary Assistant is a first-person 3D adventure that sees players performing a variety of routine tasks. This isn't as simple as following a checklist, however, as you'll need to solve puzzles and "find hidden objects" along the way. Before long, you'll also need to contend with the "strange happenings around the dead" for which your education certainly never prepared you.

While the indie UK developer is focusing on completing Our Secret Below for now, we could see The Mortuary Assistant launched for Windows PC sometime next summer. In the meantime, you can get a feel for embalming right away through the prototype demo already available on Steam and itch.io.

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