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First footage found for Darkling Room’s Lammana: The Looe Island Mystery

Hot on the heels of the release of Dark Fall: Ghost Vigil, and with production on The Last Crown: Blackenrock ongoing, indie UK developer Darkling Room has announced an unexpected new supernatural mystery called Lammana: The Looe Island Mystery.

The real Looe Island is the setting of a fictional hundred-year-old mystery involving the disappearance of one William H. Boston, though given the man's propensity for secrecy and disguises, this is "probably not his real name." No one knew the reason for Boston's fascination with this "uninhabited wooded rock, off the coast of Cornwall" when he arrived in 1923 armed only with "some bare essentials, a few supplies, and a customised film camera, to capture 'moving pictures.'" He regularly sent the "strange and disturbing footage" he recorded there to famed American author H.P.Lovecraft" before disappearing without a trace. 

So too did his films, until they and their startling images of "shapes, creatures, sea monsters and some terrible 'being' beneath the waves" were discovered much later, entirely by accident. Debate now rages about many aspects of this mystery, such as: "Was Mr. Boston an expert faker, employing simple tricks and effects, way ahead of his time? Did Lovecraft fund the expedition to Looe Island, led by his fascination with the ancient world and those 'that went before?' Both certainly had an interest in astronomy, perverse nature and the twisted nature of reality."

In the latest attempt to learn the truth, it is up to you to follow in Boston's footsteps, not in person but by examining the "historic found footage" left behind by the missing man. As you interact with these suitably aged-looking fragmented old film reels, engaging in various activities and solving puzzles along the way, you'll come to "discover a dark mystery involving treasure, exploration and sea monsters." In typical point-and-click slideshow adventure style, you will "'play through' the last surviving footage of William's cursed adventure, scene by scene, to a shocking end."

There is currently no firm release date for Lammana: The Looe Island Mystery, but the game is due to arrive sometime in April on Steam and the developer's own Shadow Tor online shop. For those eager for more information in the meantime, be sure to check out a series of sample footage and visit the game's official website.

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