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Detective Boiled-Hard on the case on Steam and itch.io

The words "hard-boiled" and "detective" often hand-in-hand, and they do again (in a slightly different configuration) in indie developer Because Because Games' newly released short comic mystery, Detective Boiled-Hard.

Players control the titular protagonist in a case called "Death of the Space Dino Hunter." When Arnie Swordswinger is "killed by a defective dino animatronic whilst filming" on set at a movie studio, Boiled Hard arrives to investigate. The man's death appears to be due to simple but tragic misfortune at first, but "naturally with these things, it's no accident," so you'll need to dig deeper in order to get to the truth.

The new game from Matt Barker, creator of last year's  Trails and Traces: The Tomb of Thomas Tew, is a fully voiced (albeit by a single person) point-and-click pixel art adventure made using the AGS engine. Detective Boiled-Hard will include traditional puzzles to solve, so you are free to "irritate people with several inventory items such as a decapitated hand," but the gameplay experience is largely driven by dialogue. This means that you can "ask stupid questions" and "flirt with, or insult people" if you wish, so long as get the answers you need in the end. 

If you're up for an hour or so of detective work and a few laughs at the "crude humour and pop culture references" spoofing everything from Die Hard to Game of Thrones to fat Steven Seagal, then head on over to Steam and itch.io right away, where the game is available to download now for Windows PC.

Edit: This announcement has been edited to add Steam link.

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