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Sol705 campaign

Falcon City set to soar on PC later this year

Step aside, Max. There'll soon be a new rabbit investigator in town, and his name is Kurt. He may not have the same name recognition factor just yet, but later this year the noir-styled anthropomorphic detective will appear in his own upcoming adventure, Falcon City

Not your standard cute and cuddly bunny, Kurt is a stereotypical detective in many respects – namely, "disillusioned, clever and sarcastic." Surrounded by his "narrow-minded doughnut-eating boss, fat and lazy office workers, and the pretty and exciting female colleagues he is somewhat attached to," Kurt's world revolves around his job, and his latest kidnapping case proves to be a doozy. To solve it, players will need to "investigate, interrogate, find the hidden clues and evidence, think, plan, and decide." Your choices matter, too, as "every minor decision will have its consequences and effect on the outcome of the game."

Described as a "noir-inspired detective role-playing adventure," Falcon City is a traditional hand-drawn, third-person point-and-click mystery that sends players to a variety of locales throughout the titular city, as teased in the early screenshots and trailer unveiled. You can expect to encounter a number of "funny characters and absurd situations" to deal with, as well as plenty of puzzles to solve on your way to one of "three main endings with different variations." 

Originally conceived as a student project at the Budapest Metropolitan University in 2016, Falcon City was recently revived with support from indie Hungarian developer Likely Games and is currently on track to be completed for PC sometime later this year. 

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