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Creepy Tale out of the woods and onto Steam

Forests can be wonderful places to hike on beautiful sunny days with good company. They're a whole lot scarier alone and in the dark, especially when the woods are filled with monsters. Guess which type is the setting for indie developer Deqaf Studio's recently released Creepy Tale?

The game sees two brothers out collecting mushrooms together when one of them is suddenly kidnapped. What's worse, the "once-calm and peaceful forest" has transformed into an ominous one "filled with dangers and strange creatures." If you're to find your brother, "solve all the secrets of the forest and save the peaceful creatures," you'll need to overcome the many obstacles standing in your way.

Creepy Tale's eerie soundtrack, bleak colour palette, and hand-drawn art style contribute to its dark fairy tale vibe. While largely a traditional adventure that tasks players with collecting items and solving puzzles along the way, this side-scrolling game will also pose challenges that require you to "hide, run away, jump high, and even ... learn to play the reed pipe." 

If you're ready to wander into the woods for "a few unforgettable hours" of adventuring, you can get started right away as Creepy Tale is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac.

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