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Paradise Killer to be released this summer

There will be trouble in Paradise later this year – quite literally (or at least virtually), in indie UK developer Kaizen Game Works' upcoming open world investigative mystery, Paradise Killer.

The titular island is a "synthetic rock floating on an ocean in another reality filled with lunatics, psychopaths and a thousand secrets." In fact, it's the 24th such island of its kind, as each iteration of Paradise becomes corrupted by demons over thousands of years, before a "new alternate reality is birthed by the Council," a syndicate of "immortal worshippers of dead alien gods." The next "island-to-be" is expected to finally attain perfection, but tragedy strikes when "on the eve of rebirth, the Council is murdered and Paradise is killed." The only one who can hope to solve this mystery is an exiled "investigation freak" named Lady Love Dies, who is summoned to scour the island for clues, but "will she find a single culprit or unravel a conspiracy centuries in the making?" 

Blending realistic 3D environments and anime-inspired characters, Paradise Killer sends players out onto "sun-drenched streets" to find the perpetrator(s) of this "crime to end all crimes." With help from her trusty electronic assistant Starlight, Lady Love Dies conducts an open world investigation with visual novel-styled interrogations in which you are free to go where you like and when, decide for yourself how to approach the case and even whom to accuse. Rather than a "singular truth," it's up to you to weigh the facts and formulate an argument to ultimately "present in the end game trial." It won't be easy, however, as "everyone on Paradise has a secret to hide and something to gain," so you will need to "choose between the evidence, the greater good and your own beliefs. There are many possible murderers, but who you pick will define your own personal truth." Along the way, you'll also need to "solve hieroglyph puzzles on ancient nightmare computers to discover new areas of the island, find concealed evidence and reveal terrifying secrets." 

There is currently no firm target release date for Paradise Killer, but the clock is ticking and the game is due to launch on Steam for Windows and Mac sometime this summer. In the meantime, be sure to drop by the game's official website to learn more. 

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