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First glimpse offered into Orbis Fugae

Even pirating is getting into the spirit of equal opportunity these days. Following in the footsteps of Nelly Cootalot comes Anya Ophelia Morgan, the latest lady pirate to take to the high seas in indie German developer kitty wants pizza's upcoming point-and-click adventure, Orbis Fugae

Anya's title of "Pirate Queen" may be self-bestowed, but she proves herself more than up to the task when she undertakes a "world-spanning quest to uncover the truth about her father . . . an unknown cult and – most of all – herself." Along the way players can expect to "meet interesting people, find exciting treasures and learn to escape any trap you might encounter."

In many ways Orbis Fugae is a classic-styled third-person adventure, with its hand-drawn graphics, point-and-click controls, and the ability to "investigate the environment and documents, check rooms and scenes for irregularities, clues or hints, and think outside the box." However, the game's puzzle design promises to be "straight out of popular Escape Room mechanics and ideas." Frequently the protagonist will find herself "in a locked room environment and will have to discover a way to escape." The solution will always be close at hand, but if the way out is not clear it may well be "hidden within another puzzle" that needs to be completed first. 

Still in its early stages of development, it'll be a while before Orbis Fugae is ready to set sail, with a Steam launch tentatively scheduled for sometime in 2021 on Windows, Mac and Linux. To follow the game's progress in the meantime, be sure to drop by the developer's website.

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