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A Hand With Many Fingers reaching for spring release

Being a researcher may not be the sexiest kind of detective work, but that's often how the real breaks in a case are discovered. You can find out just how true that is for yourself when indie developer Colestia launches its "conspiracy investigation" A Hand With Many Fingers on PC this spring. 

Unlike many mysteries that see players traipse around crime scenes and interview suspects and witnesses, here you spend all your time in an "old CIA archive." As you search through files and documents and begin to draw connections between events, you'll "slowly uncover a real historical conspiracy of drug smuggling, weapon trafficking, and assassination." You're aided in your quest by a "shadowy figure on the inside" who wants you to expose the truth, but beware that there are also those "trying to ensure the conspiracy doesn't see the light of day."

A Hand With Many Fingers is a first-person, free-roaming 3D adventure, though you don't have to roam very far. You'll travel mainly between the various archive rooms, though "more areas open inside the building as the story progresses." According to developer David Cribb, the focus of the game is on "the experience of archival research, so the core story is told through the documents which the player uncovers."

While you wait for the game's Steam release sometime this spring, you can do a little more digging in the meantime through the downloable demo available for Windows, Mac and Linux on itch.io.

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