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GREYHAT – A Digital Detective Adventure heading to PC this summer

There's no shortage of the proverbial white hats and black hats in gaming, but straddling the line squarely between them this summer will be indie developer Limited Games' hacker mystery GREYHAT – A Digital Detective Adventure.

The game puts players in the first-person role of "an infamous hacker-for-hire with skills and abilities that allow you to infiltrate any computer." Unfortunately, your efforts have earned you some "very powerful" enemies who take their revenge by "stealing what is most precious to you: your daughter." If you're ever to find her and get her back, you'll need to use all your talents to "hack into other people's computers, look through their files, read their emails, mess with their software, and find clues that may lead you to your lost child."

As a hacker, there's no need to wander around different environments as you would in a standard adventure. In GREYHAT, you'll stay seated at your own simulated computer to achieve a "diverse range of objectives" such as stealing incriminating reports from a shady pharmaceutical company, bypassing an "AI glitch" to help to land planes via air traffic control, preventing a rogue nuclear submarine attack, leaking a "secret list containing the name of every single member of a controversial Neo-Nazi organization," and correctly identifying the culprit in a cold case murder file. Each discrete task presents its own "unique setting, puzzles, clues, and twists," and the obstacles promise to "challenge you to think logically, as well as subvert your preconceptions." In between reading "text logs, emails, journal notes and browsing histories that reveal the true nature of your targets behind the public mask they wear," you can also keep a sharp eye out for optional bonuses such as "side-stories, recipes, and cryptocurrency." 

Though the finished version of GREYHAT – A Digital Detective Adventure isn't due until sometime this summer, you can start warming up your hacking skills right away via the playable demo available on Steam and itch.io for Windows PC.

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