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Lost Brothers found on Steam

First-person adventures can often be lonely experiences, but they're far less so when you have someone on the other end of a radio keeping you company. The latest adventure to offer up a remote-access companion is Lost Brothers, a newly released Firewatch-styled mystery from Bit Light.

Players step into the shoes of John, a troubled man who lost his younger brother in a forest many years earlier and has been "torn apart by inner demons" ever since. Now, returning to those woods for the first time, he receives a distress call from a woman named Samanta on a walkie-talkie discovered near his campsite. A writer who was out "looking for more info about local anomalies," Samanta has become "trapped under the mountain nearby" and is in desperate need of assistance. And so, armed only with your two-way radio and a map, you set out to help the poor woman, only to discover that "it was right there [that] the forest took the life of John’s brother."

The similarities to Firewatch extend to the slightly stylized 3D graphics that send players through a "mysterious forest and a labyrinth of underground passages." As you pass through the colourful wilderness environments and deep into a once-thriving but now-abandoned mine, many questions are raised, some old and some new. Just "who is this girl, begging you to rescue her," and "what secrets does the forest hide?" And perhaps most important of all: "what happened the night you lost your brother?" Though this is not a horror game, Lost Brothers promises "a few scary scenes" along the way, as well as "secrets and discoveries at every turn" to keep you on your toes. 

If you've got questions, Steam's got answers, as Lost Brothers is available now for download exclusively for Windows PC.

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