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Spirit of the North to materialize on PC and Switch this spring

Most adventure games ask you to be sly like a fox, but in Infuse Studio's Spirit of the North you'll have to be a real fox in order to awaken a legendary animal spirit inspired by Nordic folklore.

Players control an "ordinary red fox" whose life is changed forever when its "story becomes entwined with the guardian of the Northern Lights, a female spirit fox." After awakening the long-slumbering apparition, you "begin a quiet journey of discovery and companionship" as together the two of you follow a "foreboding scarlet trail that paints the sky." Imbued with special abilities by your newfound spectral partner, you must overcome a variety of environmental obstacles in your path as you gradually come to understand "the meaning of a lost ancient civilization."

Presented in third-person (or rather, third-animal) 3D, Spirit of the North puts players in direct control of the sprightly young fox as it traverses "the breath-taking and mysterious landscapes of Iceland." Throughout this "emotionally stirring journey," you'll traverse a variety of beautiful environments including "tundra, glaciers, and mountainsides," each with its own puzzles to solve along the way. Fortunately you're now able to "change the world around you, using ancient powers bestowed upon you by the guardian of the Northern Lights."

Originally launched as a PS4 exclusive in November, the PC version is due to arrive on Steam this spring, along with a Nintendo port for Switch, with an Xbox One release to follow later. To learn more about the game, drop by the official website for additional details.

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