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Mindcop seriously considering early 2021 release

How do you know when a suspect is lying? Many detective games task you with looking for tells in subtle external details, but in indie German developer Andre Gareis's upcoming Mindcop, you'll get to probe people's inner thoughts far more directly. 

The game stars the titular "mindcop," a famous and proud but "grumpy police investigator with the ability to surf people's brainwaves to acquire otherwise hidden information." Accompanied by the much taller Linda, the diminutive protagonist must solve the latest homicide by engaging not only in traditional detective activities like searching for evidence and interrogating potential suspects, but also by utilizing his special talent to enter people's minds quite literally. How you approach the "completely nonlinear" case is up to you, but beware that each action you perform takes up a (simulated) amount of time. You only have a certain number of days to succeed, so spend too long on non-essential tasks and you risk blowing the investigation completely.

Mindcop may look like a traditional adventure on the surface, with its stylish hand-drawn art style and thick cartoony outlines around the main characters, but dig a little deeper and you'll find some unique twists. Along with a user-friendly variety of control schemes and the limited amount of time to solve the mystery, each brainwave-surfing minigame consists of "Tetris-style puzzle mechanics" that vary in difficulty as "some suspects' minds are easy to access but others might be more resistant." According to the developer, an "extremely light RPG-progression mechanic" upon successful completion of these minigames will allow players to "level up their abilities" to make the hardest ones more manageable. 

There is currently no target release date for this game, but Gareis is hoping to complete Mindcop for PC sometime early next year. To follow its progress in the meantime, you can visit the official Facebook page or sign up for the developer's newsletter for regular updates. 

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