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Mirages of Winter to become reality in March

Those of us in the northern hemisphere are likely already looking ahead to spring, but there's plenty of beauty left to enjoy before the current season ends, as iOS gamers can discover for themselves next month in Mirari Games' beautifully poetic adventure debut, Mirages of Winter.

Players control a fisherman who lives "a simple life together with nature" on an island covered in snow. Here winter isn't something simply to be endured but embraced, and "by following the fisherman’s footsteps, the hidden beauty of winter will uncover and new paths towards spring will open." Along the way you'll find that everything has "a deep connection with the five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal," and only by bringing out the "elemental essence of objects" will you be able to solve puzzles and overcome the obstacles in your path.

Presented in a lovely hand-painted art style, Mirages of Winter is described as a "poetic adventure" whose lore is "deeply anchored in Asian philosophy, specifically The Way of the Tao and Zen." Filled with "breathing landscapes, genuine characters, simple life activities and mythical creatures," the game is meant to be a "soothing" point-and-tap experience accompanied by an "original soundtrack made with the Daegeum, the traditional Korean bamboo flute." The game world is intended to be "enjoyed as simple scenery," but look deeper and you'll find an abundance of symbolism that "has a deeper meaning or a hidden cultural reference."

A mobile exclusive, Mirages of Winter is currently in beta testing and is due to arrive on iOS devices on March 20th. To learn more about the game in the meantime, be sure to drop by the official website for additional details.

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