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Mazovian Adventure gets underway on Steam

Not every medieval fantasy adventure needs to be about slaying dragons, conquering evil wizards or other such grand deeds of heroism. Sometimes the zaniest quests are a whole lot smaller and can be found much closer to home. This is certainly true of Mazovian Adventure, a newly released point-and-click comedy game from indie Polish developer XQG Software. 

The story stars two brothers, John and Ricardo, who set out just to "purchase potatoes from the market in small Masovian (Poland) city of Garwolin." Sounds easy, right? Wrong! Before long, the two boys find themselves caught up in a variety of unexpected escapades involving knights, elves, a troll, and even a "rubber-manga-rabbit."

Created as a father-son activity by Rafał Pietrasik, who modeled the protagonists after his own two boys, Mazovian Adventure is a completely 3D title with low-poly environments and a point-and-click control scheme. Voiced in Polish but subtitled in English, the game promises to be "full of puzzles" to solve and characters to talk to throughout the course of six different story branches leading to four possible endings. Some of these outcomes are "not very pleasant" and are intended to humorously instruct children on how NOT to behave. This isn't just a kid's game as players of all ages can enjoy it, but it isn't meant to be a difficult or particularly long adventure, projected to take less than four hours to complete, though more will be needed to collect all available achievements and see each possible ending.

If you're up for a comedic experience with "smaller epicness" than your standard fantasy fable, you can jump in right away as Mazovian Adventure has already launched on Steam for Windows PC.

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