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Playable demo the first step in Rackham’s Shambala Adventure

Step aside, Indiana Jones. Move over, Allan Quartermain. There's a new adventurer in town... or there will be next year with the upcoming release of Ragonsoft's Rackham's Shambala Adventure.

The game's titular "hero" is Joe Rackham, a grave robber who lives with his uncle in a small fishing village "in China somewhere north of Chongqing." Joe doesn't take anything too seriously and "likes to drink rum." But his easygoing lifestyle is about to be disrupted when he is tasked with travelling to Shambala to "get the key to the Golden River" and then protect it at all costs. 

Presented as a classic-styled third-person adventure, Rackham's Shambala Adventure will take players to a variety of exotic, hand-painted locations, from China to Africa to Tibet. Along the way there will be plenty of items to collect, puzzles to solve, and amusing characters to interact with, including Uncle Frankie (once you manage to wake him up). You'll also be accompanied on your quest by your employee Hong, and how well you pay him for his services promises to "influence the difficulty" of the game. 

The full version of Rackham's Shambala Adventure isn't due to launch on Steam until the end of 2021, but in the meantime you can try out the playable demo for either Windows or Mac. (Note: You may need to change the language from its default German thorugh the "Einstllungen" menu option, then "Sprache ändern.")

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