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Joyfess: Martin’s Secret Recipe heating up for February release

It's nearly time to hit the high seas for a swashbuckling Caribbean adventure as a... cook? Yes, that's right. Anyone can be a pirate, but only a deft hand can become a prize-winning chef, as we'll soon find out in indie developer Sand Wagon Games' upcoming Joyfess: Martin's Secret Recipe.

During his latest kraken-battling escapade, a "fearless sailor" named Joyfess Tidesman suddenly realized that "fighting giant sea monsters had become so mundane that he needed a new hobby for a change." As luck would have it, he "stumbles upon a cooking contest due the next day" and decides to participate, only to discover that "the most exciting of his adventures is yet to come as he tries to fetch a recipe and gather its contents." 

Inspired by the point-and-click classics, Joyfess is stylishly hand-painted in full HD with 15 locations in a "familiar Caribbean island setting" to explore, but this time it's presented "through the fresh perspective of an aspiring cook." Along the way you'll meet a variety of fully voiced characters including William the bartender, Joyfess's rival Simon, and Christina the librarian. You'll also need to "work your way through a flow of logical puzzles to obtain a recipe, collect its ingredients and arrive for the cooking contest in time (and in one piece)." That won't be easy, however, as the recipe is in the hands of the island's nomadic indigenous people, and "you might have better luck constructing a functioning spaceship out of wood than successfully negotiating something with them."

The developers are currently hoping to release Joyfess: Martin's Secret Recipe by the end of February for Windows PC, but you can sample a first taste already through the playable demo available now from itch.io. You can also learn more about the game through the official website.

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