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SELF finds expression on Windows, Mac and Switch

If you could see the many various fragments of your own mind through the lens of an old CRT monitor, it just might look something like indie developer dobell's newly released SELF.

Your father has recently disappeared, but curiously you seem to be "the only one who has noticed. Even [your] own mother is completely indifferent to his absence." If you're to piece together this unusual mystery, you will need to embark on an equally unusual journey that "can only be traveled alone." That's because you must delve deep into your own subconscious to collect clues and hopefully "seize the opportunity to find your SELF" along the way.

Described as a "suspenseful Kafkaesque text-based adventure game with simulation and puzzle mechanics," SELF drops players into an environment where "the boundaries of reality, dreams, truth, and memories are blurred." Presented via an old computer screen, the gameplay experience will include "many puzzles" to solve as well as other challenges to overcome including some "bullet hell minigames." In working your way through the "fragmented narrative," you will also need to make key decisions in response to a "series of choices leading you to a range of different endings."

If you're ready not for a globetrotting new adventure but a purely introspective one, you can start looking inward right away as SELF is available now on Steam for Windows and Mac and the Nintendo eShop for Switch, though the PS4 version isn't due until sometime later this year. 

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