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Hollow Head reloads with Director’s Cut on Windows PC

Usually the term "retro" doesn't conjure up images of early PlayStation graphics, but that's precisely what players will find in indie developer Rubeki's commercial re-release of Hollow Head.

Story details are intentionally vague, but players step into the first-person role of a "good Samaritan [who] wakes up to a horrible smell, and whispering vents in your apartment." Clearly something has gone very wrong and you decide to "help a fellow man after hearing a scream in the apartment garbage chute." No good deed goes unpunished, however, as you quickly discover that "things don't seem the same as they used to in the hallways" anymore. 

Originally submitted last year as a free entry in the Haunted PS1 Summer Spooks game jam, Hollow Head has since been given "additional content, polish, and controller support" in its revamped version. Promising more than "just a jump scare maze," the game is a first-person, free-roaming 3D adventure with a "dark, intensely oppressive atmosphere and theme" that is expected to take less than an hour in total to complete. 

The budget-priced Hollow Head – Director's Cut is available now for download on Steam and itch.io, exclusively for Windows PC.

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