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Geospots appears on radar for February

Adventure gamers love spending their time traipsing exotic locales looking for hidden items. So do practitioners of geocaching, a real-world adventure that lies at the heart of MDNA's next Carol Reed mystery, Geospots

Geocaching is an "outdoor recreational activity in which participants hide and seek objects at specific locations all over the world." Kevo Walthin, an "acquaintance of Carol's friend Stina," was involved in just such a scavenger hunt when he suddenly went missing. Now Carol must follow in his footsteps "in order to shed light on the chain of events that led up to Kevo's disappearance." To do so, she'll need to "travel to numerous geocaching locations that Kevo has been visiting" in recent weeks.

As is customary, Geospots will once again be a slideshow-style first-person adventure featuring a wide variety of photographs of real Swedish locations, just a sampling of which are on display in the game's screenshot gallery. Also like its predecessors, the new game promises to be "100% mouse-driven" and intended to appeal both to existing series fans and newcomers who have never played a Carol Reed mystery before.

Currently on track to be released in Febuary 2020, Geospots will be sold as a DRM-free digital download exclusively from the developer's website for Windows PC.

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